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02. 11. 2014


Yesterday I searched for some photos on flickr. Haven’t been there for at least a year. While  scrolling down through the favorites I got to take a look at the photos I used to...

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24. 03. 2014
I dreamt

I dreamt

Last night i dreamt. I dreamt a million words saying nothing in a thousand ways… And it felt so real, i could read them, read the sentences. I have the feeling i remember...

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16. 03. 2014
How to write about empty pages

How to write about empty pages

There was always sadness inside me. And happiness… “A heart full of joy and sorrows”- i’m still thinking about getting a tattoo with this quote i found some years ago. There has always...

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08. 03. 2014


I entered Cancer. I feel i’ve reached the point when taking steps back is like walking on a razor’s blade… And yet, ahead is the same thing… I don’t know which torments me...

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28. 02. 2014

Who am I?

Beneath the smiles and the small talk, the bracelets, the jokes, the “I want pink hair”, the emotions Beneath the layers and layers I so carefully laid, Beneath the fears? Am I the...

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28. 06. 2013
U can never make a first impression twice

U can never make a first impression twice

It’s been in my mind since yesterday… What is the click that makes us never forget a first impression? What is the reason that drives us back again and again? That makes us...

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