On October 4, 2007 by alinaki
Daydreaming…there’s an emoticon doing this, with a stupid smile and a lost look…

It’s nothing like that. It’s like a photo hanging in front of your
eyes wherever you look. Like a voice whispering in the background.
Like a smell stuck in your nostrils. Like a taste u can’t get rid of.

You could just shake your head, turn the music on, drink some water
or smell a flower to make it go away. And yet u don’t. You abandon
yourself to it.

It doesn’t have to be a beautiful dream. You don’t have to like it. Maybe is “daynightmaring”, after you dreamed something frightening and you can’t escape it the next day. And when the sun is up, it’s still there, making you shiver. You try to think of anything else, and yet, you know it’s gonna hunt you all day long.

Or maybe it’s just a dream you’re hanging on to, feeding it, replacing reality with it. Like a glass shield, keeping the smiles or the tears inside. It’s your small translucent univers.

and when the dream is over, you can go back to your life. Can you?

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