On January 3, 2010 by alinaki

starting from tomorrow i have 4 more days of vacation from last year…at this this time i took them all. so, i intend to go out and shoot. if it’s still snow tomorrow, i’m going to the lake in the park, and maybe drink a coffee with a friend.

well, i should have started the post with “i quit smoking” … but better later than never, right? how come? i read a book of Allen Carr, loved his point of view, which, by the way, is the correct one, and decided it’s time.

so how will i live without it? the same way i did before starting.

will i miss it? hell no! (at least i have to believe it… )

in the meanwhile, today i am not allowed to be sad, so enjoy this song a friend told us about two nights ago, i’ll go read a book.

[gplayer href=”″ ] Muse – Muscle Museum [/gplayer]

7 Responses to “finally”

  • Razvan

    Errrr…. eu mai astept nitel pana sa zic ceva, ok? :D :D

  • normal… doar nu-mi da in cap ca ma razgandesc :))

  • ovi

    ce fain e sa mai ai putina vacanta… eu ma terminat-o… dar inca nu m-am saturat de vacanta… nici de serabtori…
    da-mi si mie o zi de la tine… imi dai??? hai.. te rog… vreau sa nu merg maine la servici… sa raman acasa si sa visez… sau sa merg sa ma plimb aiurea in parcul degerat de atata ger…

    bucurate din plin de vacantza ta… fii fericita… razi si canta… imparte fercirea ta cu cine vrei si traieste frumos… ca in miez de zi… de vacantza sau nu…

  • deea

    LA MULTI ANI! Si mie imi era dor sa te citesc…ce faina haina la blog ti_ai tras…s_o stapanesti sanatoasa;)

  • alinaki

    doar o zi? ti-e deajuns sa amani mersul la servici? :) eu l-as mai amana cu o luna:)) )

  • alinaki

    ma bucur ca iti place:))

  • ovi

    da… o zi mi-ar fi fost deajuns…
    ca sa vezi cu cat de putin ma multumesc…

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