speach or speachless

On November 18, 2010 by alinaki

We are so caught in daily talk that we forget how it feels ho hear people talk from the heart. . to hear them play with the words like a painter is playing with the colors…using them to describe moods and feelings in a not so ordinary way… i missed it. it’s sort of a spiritual food, that i too seldom taste since my father left.

Dorel Gaina is a  man like that…the single diference is hat he’s playing with the light, the colors and the words…

Yesterday there was an exposition continuing a project i was invited to by Dorel this summer, in Porolissum.

I remember the next phrase Dorel said yesterday, that i really liked:  “The archaeologist is also an artist, but the difference is that the archaeologist must prove that his dream has a real base, while the artist, rebel, has to prove nothing to no one…”

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