On February 10, 2012 by alinaki

Drawing portraits sometimes goes deeper than taking photos. It’s about playing with the expressions and the reactions you want, it’s about controlling the amount of light you need in order to reveal all the little details that makes us what we are. But who are we? And are all those little details enough to reveal also the shadows burried deep in our souls? The wounds or the scars? Our fears? Our strenghts and weaknesses?
If we were to draw a portrait with nothing but words as our painting kit, how would we do it? Where would we start? How would we use the light to uncover the little details?
We’d ask questions? Funny ones, stupid ones, serious ones, indiscrete ones?
Would the portrait be an accurate one, or will it reflect the way the painter sees the subject or the way the subject sees himself?
Portrait usually shows the way the painter sees the subject, and from them, the subject likes the ones that are closest to the way he sees himself… So where’s the truth?
What questions would we ask? What would we try to show apart from what we see – the eyes, the colour of the hair, the clothes and the bracelets?

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