ego vs alter ego

On August 16, 2012 by alinaki

“My alter ego is more of the girl I use to be”…

sometimes we are so busy  working, buying things, paying bills, cleaning stuff, arguing, cooking, eating, worrying, counting, deciding, analyzing,  that we forget to just take a break an remeber who we are… what makes us smile “out of nothing”, what makes us dream, what makes us tremble inside…

we forget to sometimes stop everything we are doing and take a time to remember… remember the way  we were, remember what made us what we are today…

so which one is our “alter ego”?

the working,  buying, paying, cleaning, arguing, cooking, eating, worrying, counting, deciding, analyzing, or the one inside us that doesn’t find the time to make himself heard? the one hurrying to get from A to B in time, or the one that finds a second to see the sunset? the one keeping his vanity as a shield, or the one getting it off and walking “naked” into the unknown? the one hiding his feelings or the one that has the guts to show them? the “let’s be bossy” one or the “let’s be human” one? the… i don’t even know…

how much of “us” is left there inside?

It scares me that nothing motivates me anymore and it makes me sad that i don’t know what makes me happy“…yeap, THIS is us…


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