2012 is dead. Long live 2013!

On January 12, 2013 by alinaki

WordPress was kind enough to send me a 2012 blogging report…Hurray, you published 8 posts in 2012…

where have my post disappeared? or my words? or my thoughts? i guess i kept them inside…or lost them on the way…

anyway…this year i did a little tiny change in my life: i quit banking domain…got a job in IT starting at the beginning of the year, starting all over again… most of my friends, including family congratulated me on the ideea, courage, craziness, mom went nuts…” six and a half year experience in banks…and you throw it away????”…no, i am not throwing it away, no one can erase that, neither the stress, the “eating once a day at 8 pm the breakfast-lunch-dinner-3-in-one meal, neither the discrimination and abuses that made me leave the first bank i worked in after 4 years…

All these 6.5 years had  their ups and downs, like any domain…for me when i drew a line there were more downs. I started my first job in the bank with a promise to myself that i will not change my way of life and the things i do because of the bank…I DID…and that is not healthy.

one must remain himself no matter the job he has… i think this is equilibrium…and i failed. job influenced my life, my well-being… it influenced my family life, it made me tired to do other things, it stole me the time to do the things i used to do…it tried to break me change my values, and it’s not ok.

but, enough about banks….

i love my new job, the people there, the feeling you have during the day, i feel relieved… it makes me think, not sales-oriented-brain-washing stuff, but logics, and memory, and IT stuff…

it’s a new language for me to learn to speak, but i am enjoying it…

and i plan to start dancing again, to shoot more, maybe start learning greek again…and maybe…just maybe…

So, Welcome 2013, i’m looking forward to whatever you are planning to bring! :)


PS. I need to clean-up my sites, they’re eating all the memory i have on the server…and that is a lot…

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