spring again…

On February 20, 2013 by alinaki

i somehow feel it, i wait for it, i expect it to happen, to come and strike me…

maybe i feel it in the air…or in the warm sun…maybe it’s in the smiles – lots of them, or in the other little things…or maybe in the crazy ones…

i long again for that very first day when i’ll walk downtown and feel the need to unbutton my jacket…when i’ll feel that warm wind on my skin, like a shy whisper to let me know it’s here… and, i promise myself, that very first moment, i’ll just take a seat wherever and just let myself enjoy the feeling… cause every year i acknowledged that special moment, but move on.

every moment we take the time to feel, just f….ing FEEL,  it’s not lost. lost are all the other moments we spend running through life…there will always be emergencies, there will always be “so little time and so many things to do”… but the moments we open ourselves to what’s around us, to what’s inside us…we tend to miss them on the way somehow…

i used to let myself driven by what i felt…then, somehow, i forgot. locked inside. one of the first lessons my father taught me was to choose something i need by the way i feel about it. simple as that: the first book i feel i like is the one i need…somehow i forgot that too…

i guess i forgot a lot…



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