Life is but a bad joke…

On April 5, 2008 by alinaki

Yesterday night. I was in the railway station waiting for my train, and, as i was walking up and down the station, no patience at all, i remember from whom i’ve got this habbit – my grandpa. I guess all my dinamic part comes from him. If you wanna kill me, tell me to wait. and i remember the times we, my grandpa and I went to the station. Either to wait for mom, or to leave. I always enjoyed it. As i enjoyed all the time i spent with my grandpa and grandma. Sometimes i wish i had them recorded, as to remember their voices. But i need no cd to remind me them.
yesterday i learned something new. I wish i could say it in english, but till then, the original:

“viata e ca o scara de cotet. Scurta si mizerabila. Si daca nu e lunga, makar s-o facem lata”.

well yep. Shitty indeed life is, as master yoda would say, but it does give you some honey from time to time not to choke and to push you swallow even more. There’s nothing more pervert that that.
anyway, no sadness today, i slept too little and smiled too much to be sad now.

sa sa sa salsaaaaa!!!

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