On April 26, 2008 by alinaki

It’s Easter again. cannot believe a year passed. With all it’s 4 seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Felt them all on my skin. Left me wordless. Blank. Now i take photos. Found a gate to let things out. Some of them. Wiped out some tears, erased some whispers and grabbed the camera.
there is this girl at my photo class whom, from a point of view, i envy. She has the balls of a bull. Don’t know if it’s just her daily make-up, or the real inside her. Don’t know what she lets outside when being among friends. Don’t know her thoughts. But on the outside she is tough and cocky. She has her piece of world which she rules. sometimes i think it’s better that way. Than feeling sad about each old man that i meet for a split second in my life. I was thinking yesterday that i should take everything that life has to offer, never look back and never look forward. Never think too much, just live. Live the moment. Cause the future, want it or not, will happen.

so… Let the sun in, smile to the world, a new spring begun :)

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