On April 10, 2009 by alinaki

can’t live with them…can’t live without them…
if you take your time one day to read what other people have to say… i never have enough time…but each morning i check my feeds to read the new posts…and i’m always glad to see a new ones…it doesn’t matter what it says… actually…it matters…
i read posts written by people i know, posts written by people i never met, and posts written by people i never met but got to know lately… they make me smile, make me sad, make me wonder…they make me feel their joy and their pain…

sometimes their words turn alive, like everything happens before my eyes…sometimes i recognize myself in their feelings, in their sadness, in their doubts…in their fears.
sometimes their words make me feel the emotions they hide…

people i know suprise me with the words they write…like here they feel more free to speak, or more courageous… people i don’t know with the beauty of their words…of their feelings. their words enchant me, drag me into their stories, into their univers…and then the words get shapes and eyes and hearts…they become people…people i know…or people i might never meet…
it makes me sad to see no new post…to see beautiful words having been deleted…… it makes me wonder when will i give up?

i almost did, once…when i felt i had nothing more to say…but, as one of my greatest fears is “the end”… i kept going… for how long, i don’t know.

sometimes i need to know the people behind the words, and tell them how much i like what they write…and how…but my words come out kinda silly :)

well…enough for toyday…i have work to do and charts to draw…:)

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