a moment

On September 23, 2007 by alinaki
we stopped downtown for a coffee. cool terrace, full of people as we stopped. the woman massaging the guy in front of us, the black dog barking at every car that parked, the old lady that stopped, i don’t know why, as she didn’t order anything and left pretty soon, me with my mind at the black car i wished i hadn’t seen so that i could think of anything else, th old man and old woman that crossed their lives for a split second as they passed by one another, the tourists, too recognizable, with the cameras – not that i didn’t have one, although i wasn’t a tourist, or maybe i was too, the couple near us who were sitting too far away from each other to hear what they were talking, but at least petting the black dog who barked at every car that stopped, including the black one that i noticed as we were talking about how my car will look like when we’ll be done with it, me stopping for a moment from studying the others to ask for a coffee, long and with sugar, the woman still massaging the man’s neck – my skin would have already been red – that car again, the woman petting the dog smiling at me taking them a picture, me just wanting to go to sleep. and the tourists invading again.

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