it’s a frog world…

On April 21, 2009 by alinaki

frogs are very faint-hearted creatures… at any sudden move, any sound that seems to threaten their serenity  they dissapear into the  water… are their self-preservation instincts so alert or they are just coward?

is their fear always real? i guess that when you want to help them the hardest thing would be to convince them of that…to convince them you mean no harm…that they won’t be hurt.

and i wonder…when you gave up and left…would they regret not having trusted?


4 Responses to “it’s a frog world…”

  • deea

    hei, last night I had a dream with frogs and now I read your post…hmmm;))

  • You dreamt i was shooting frogs? :)) just kiddin’, but i hope it wasn’t a nightmare…

  • deea

    :)) perhaps that could be a nightmare..;)) I’m kidding too…I remember one time, together with my friends, we went fishing and we also decided to camp near the lake…and when the night came, all the frogs started singing…a friend was sleeping in the tent and suddenly she came out and screamed”Shut up!” ( in English) to the frogs…it was so funny…:)) :))
    but seriously, I think they’re so afraid, all the time…

  • hahahahaha…this one was like a friend of us from US, she came to Romania for a short vacation and one day she saw a nice puppy on the street and stopped for petting it…and, as she was telling him “nice dog…”, we told her to tel him in romanian, “catel” that he would understand…and she did!! :)) we all laughed for an hour…

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