a useless gesture

On September 26, 2007 by alinaki

Today i did a nonsense. I’m not proud of it, i wish i did it
differently, but it’s ok. in these useless and perhaps stupid
gestures lies the beauty of life. Or maybe i am just trying to
compensate for other mistakes. A friend told me today this gesture is
useless. And i agreed. He was right. But again, i couldn’t move on,
get it out of my mind. And when i saw the woman’s eyes…jesus! I
wanted to escape this. Pass it on someone else. I’m not used to it,
and it is embarrassing. Maybe i made a mistake, and maybe i should
think of more important things, focus my energy on things that should
help me in my life. I don’t know. In that moment, this was important
to me. Maybe she reminded me of my grandma. No doubt she did. Maybe i
tried to compensate for the moments i wasn’t there for her. Maybe i
helped myself more.
i realized something though: when u want to do something, JUST DO IT.
(nike :p ).
flo asked me once i i wanted to recover all years i lost in my sis
life in a year. I was diplomat and did not answer. But now i am saying
it loud: YES!

so this is the story of the cake and the old lady.

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