On September 29, 2007 by alinaki
Back in the country, heading for bucharest, checking my emails, listening to music, and daydreaming. There were sao many old people at the hotel where our group was staying. Met them every morning at breakfast, and watching them being busy with their food, i wondered
again what is motivating them to keep living, every morning as they wake up. What usualy motivates me? The things that always made me wake up before the cock rang were: going to see my dad, going to Medias, my birthday, having a haircut, and, of course, being in love. Nights we
longer, till the morning of THE day came, the day before was a sweet expectation, which i always loved.

So i kept looking at them, wondering what was that which, through age, sicknesses, acceptance, makes them feel that thrill of expectation, makes them smile in the morning thinking ” it’s gonna be a great day today”. For 2 persons, i know. For my grandparents i was it. What about me? I hade a coyple of months in wich i feared every morning, cause i knew it wasn’t gonna bring any good. Not that i wanted any. And then, i started carying again for sunny mornings

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