On October 2, 2007 by alinaki
Words…we use them to comunicate, to deceive, to tell, or to cover. We use them to play, to express, or to hide. We use them to hurt, or to win. We use them to look strong, to gain advantage, or to give in. We use them to negociate, or to pretend it. We use them to buy time.

A woman i admire a lot used to say “it doesn’t matter how you feel, it matters how you look“. Was she right? It doesn’t matter that you are trembling, it matters that you smile? I tried to, yet it’s not what i’m best at. Not that i am at anything. So what is better? To do it, or just be yourself? No matter how weak and stupid you are. It’s not in your advantage to show your weaknesses, and yet, show them or not, they are still there. This is you. Good and bad. Nothing more. Are weaknesses your “weak point”? Or just part of who you are? You ain’t better than your weakest point. You’re just pretending. If no one cared to take advantage of it, youre weaknesses would be just as normal as anything else. maybe something to work on. But not the sum of all your fears.

we need words. We need to trust them, rely on them. Not that we understand their meaning always, but for what we think we understand. we use them as a shield and as a weapon. We use them to hide and to uncover.

have to go to work. Enough words for one day. Not that will be the last.

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