On October 2, 2007 by alinaki
funny way the memories work. like hunters.
they watch and wait. they hide in a color, in a smell, in the yellow afternoon. in a word you hear, in a song, in the smile of a stranger. in the keys that open the doors to you.
they sneak in, slowly, discreetly at first. the good ones first, the happy ones, that makes you smile, or blush, the ones that make you want more, till you open up and let them all inside. till there’s no control, no protection, no doors to keep them out.
So they burst inside, the long forgotten ones, the regretful ones, the angry or frustrating ones. the painful ones come last and take the place of the other, thirsty for your tears, till there’s nothing left to give, no more sadness to feed them. so they leave, as abruptly as they came, leaving a chaos of images behind, happy and sad, and yet an emptiness you cannot fill.
so they hide back, waiting, in a color, a smell, a yellow afternoos or a song, in a word or in the smile of a stranger…

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