On May 2, 2009 by alinaki

We learn all our life. We learn from the people around us, from the situation we find ourselves into, from other people’s experiences. We learn what is good or bad, according to our society rules to what it taught our conscience. We “feel” what we have to do, which is the correct way, and if we don’t follow the right one, we learn one more thing from this. Our mind, whether we want or not to listen to it, talks to us every single second.

Our heart…well, this is another story. Maybe i’m wrong, psihlologically (actually most certain i’m wrong), deals with what we like or love. That’s why, even if i don’t need it, i will most surely prefer that big silver ring to the i don’t know what else i really needed… That’s why we love that particular person, in spite of what our parents tell us. That’s why we love to dance, or write, or sing, or take photos.

What about soul? When does it speak to us? How? What we love or think appropriate may not necessarily be what we need in order to evolve, or it may exactly be that thing. How do we make the difference? Maybe listening to our mind and heart, or just the oposite, making them go quiet every once in a while.
I think listening to his soul is the most difficut thing a person has to learn. My dad once told me that when buying a book, i should just go for the one that attracts me on the spot, and that is the book i need. He also used to say that little children shoud not be forced to eat, as the always eat what their body needs…. I don’t know… I forgot too much, and slept too long. Now i want to learn more again. Or, just know it all at once :)

One Response to “Learning…”

  • deea

    we need motivation in order to learn…and we are “invited” at every step to do it:)

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