don’t dare to be different…

On May 8, 2009 by alinaki

Don’t dare to be different , dare to be yourself if that doesn’t make you different then something is wrong.

this was supposed to be on “crops of memories around me”…but it’s gonna be…something different.

being different…it crossed my mind several times before, maybe i’ve written about it, maybe not. i don’t know. (yeap, i did, it was about liking shoes or bags or liking cameras, and computers, and “anything that’s ticking”)

my brother used to say each time i asked him after dressing up for a special occasion “how do i look?” – “well, you have two eyes, a mouth and a nose…” that’s right, we come in the same “standard” package…and i look at kids 3 days old…and i wonder how will he/she be as grown up…

but being different, they say, it’s what makes us unique, beautiful…and lonely. cause thinking and feeling differently gives a hard time to the people around us in understanding and accepting us.

wouldn’t it be easier if we all were the same? happy ignorants in a monochrome world, each the perfect copy of the other, liking the same things, having the same needs, speaking the same language, shooting the same photos (: p)? would we be able to hurt each others anymore?  because hurting each other comes from wanting different things, having different expectations…different feelings…

how would we choose one another? the third from the right? who would make that rule? would we vote?? cause we would sure vote the same thing… yeap, i know it’s just stupid thoughts…so i’d better leave the “clone” world and get back to reality…but one more question…”who would we all look like???”

so… is being different good for us?  cause we all wanna be like someone else one moment or another…we are a mixture of inner us and parts we like from the people around us. a unique combination…

they say opposites attract…yet we tend to get close to people that are similar to us…the same “culture”, same interests, same passions…so is being different good for us??

misunderstanding people comes from thinking differently…  so is being different good for us?

hmm… sometimes when i feel lonely, i can be in the place i love the most, in  Salsa, people around me dancing what i love the most – salsa :P , listening to the music i love the most…salsa of course, and i  watch them and feel like they are somewhere far far away, in a distant world, i watch them being happy and i feel “different”…so is being different good for us???

ok. gotta go now, otherwise i’ll end up doing what i always do, get ready for the salsa party in the last 10 minutes before leaving the house…:)


2 Responses to “don’t dare to be different…”

  • In most cases, “different” is considered bad until someone realizes that different can mean creative and interesting…but “always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”
    have fun at the partyyyyy!

  • that was good…with the “first-rate / second-rate :)

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