You are the sum of your actions…

On October 6, 2007 by alinaki

What you think, what you feel remains within. Hidden, protected. Insignificant. Like dust in the wind. Like a sand castle that the sea washed away…

it is what you do that defines you.

it doesn’t matter that you are hurt, as long as you don’t have bruises. Words don’t draw blood. It doesn’t matter you are scared as long as you’re not shaking.

People always believe what they can touch. They cannot touch your sadness. They cannot understand your “i wish”, “if only”, or “why”. They cannot feel your chest exploding of too much pain. The ” X- RAYS” showed nothing. They’ll never feel you dying inside. And if your sadness bleed outside, they can wipe away your tears, but the wounds inside they cannot heal.

they’ll never feel your love. Cannot measure it, touch it, see it. They’ll only see your actions. Which represent, mostly, what you feel.

they’ll never understand your regrets. “i’m sorry” means nothing. It is a simple expression used in so many cases that it has lost it’s meaning. Three words are not enough to express all that you are feeling. All of them wouldn’t be enough. So you say “i’m sorry”, you get an “it’s ok, i understand”, or “i’m sorry it’s not enough”, and you keep all the tears inside. To haunt you, to tell you in a million other words how sorry you are.

“i understand you”… “i see”. They can’t. How can you make them feel what you feel? How can you make them see, through a lifetime of experiences, relationships, education, frustrations, love, regrets, happiness, sorrows, achievements, failures, believes, and through your perceiving of a situation, plus your “inspiration”, why do you say or do what you do? You can’t. But still, you wish they had. So you silently accept the “i see”, cause, one moment or another, you’ll use
it too.

but, on the other hand, it’s just words on a page someone created to kill those moments when she has nothing better to do.

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