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On February 25, 2007 by alinaki
we say “hi, how are you?”, we say “thank you” but are we really meaning it?
or is it just a cliche? like “how are you?” “fine”.
are we even listening for the answer? would we hear if insted of “fine” she/he would say “bad”?
or it would shocking to hear someone breaking the unsaid rule of “how are you? – fine”?
it doesn’t matter how bad we are feeling, we always give a faint smile and answer”fine”
is “terrible, but thank you for asking” so stupid?
what about when we are asking “how are you”- are we really wanna know how is that person doing? i mean we are asking that every person we haven’t seen that day. if they would say”terrible”, would we really wanna hear why?
words were “invented” to communicate. but are we? yess, we are using them to hide our feelings :) but we also comunicate.
but the basical comunication between persons is mere words.
thank you- we use it every day. are we meaning it? every time i am saying thank you to friend that helped me woth something, or just for calling me, i mean it. and i wish that friend would know i mean it, it was not just a word
on the other had, why do we, always, when someone is offering us something, making us a gift, or helping us, start with”oh, you shouldn’t have…”, “oh, i can’t accept this…”, “it is too much…”, etc. why don’t we just say “thank you”, to show that person how much we appreciate it. and i mean say THANK YOU, not just pronounce the words.
it just came to me as i was thinking of a friend who thanked me yesterday in a way that embarassed me a little, cause, even if i think it was the most beautiful way to thank someone, even if “it wasn’t the case”, it took me by surprise.

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