another ghost from the past…

On May 27, 2009 by alinaki

“I have so many different personalities in me and I still feel lonely.” Tori Amos

i loved that quote :)

a blogger i often read, deea, wrote a post about “love and butterflies”…kinda sad idea, and it made me remember about a New Year’s Eve i spent in Bistrita, with two friends of us. One of the days we spent there, at noon, we were in the courtyard to prepare the barbeque, and one of us found a butterfly…a living, breathing wanderer butterfly. where did he came from, how did he survive, what was he looking for and where did he found shelter? the girl  we were staying at took it inside and kept it in her hand in a childish wish to postpone the inevitable… in the end, some hours later the butterfly died, leaving us all with a bitter taste in our mouth. for me, at least, the loneliness and the impossibility to oppose the inevitable were the things that made me sad…the others, i don’t know…

ok. gotta go. enough sadness for one day :(

One Response to “another ghost from the past…”

  • deea

    alinaki – I didn’t want to see the sad part…I want to underline the beauty in the “short life” of a butterfly…and the beauty of love…it struggles to squeeze its body through the cocon…and he lives the time he has left to the fullest…sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives…

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