On October 9, 2007 by alinaki
I saw the day before yesterday a man that sells glass on the streets. And i remember being a child back in oradea and hearing them calling for customers on the streets. And it was quite often that i heard their call. Not anymore. It’s a dying job. they are not needed

yesterday i took a cab, and, i was approaching it, i saw in the dark the driver. Long curled hair, cigarette in his hand. As i got in and sat in the back, i looked it the mirror – he was in his 40s. We
started making fun of hairdressers and opulent ladies at weddings with their coiffures that look like egg baskets, skyscrapers or the pisa tower.
I laughed all the way home, he had a sarcastic humor that i think not everyone enjoyed. as i got down, i remembered that blog a friend send me to read some days before, about Vama Veche and the death of a great man and, as i got home i told flo: “guess who drove me home tonight- Pittis.” he looked at me like he saw a dog talking. But that was the truth. The cabdriver was a relic of a past generation.

we all are, sooner or later. Some of us even dead without realizing it.

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