Requiem for a dream…

On October 13, 2007 by alinaki

God, i love that song. I almost know it by heart, and yet, i have the same feeling each time i listen to it. It’s a story without words.
Doesn’t need any.

It tells about the begining, shy, slow, testing. It starts growing, accumulating, yet not too loud, not too powerfull.

the first break. Like a tease, like playing. You could almost miss it. Plenty of instruments to keep the story going on, as in the background the real story starts growing and growing, building, till
it gets to it’s full maximum.

The second break. More powerfull. You almost think it’s over. Just the violins left and a piano. A small thread to keep it from falling apart. And yet the flame is in there, hungry for oxygene, ready to start again, frightened a little, slowlier, not confident yet, step by step, trying to believe again, to trust, wanting, wishing, gathering strenght, growing in intensity, till it’s back to it’s power, to the main theme at it’s full. Stays there, maximum strenght, consuming everything, like a chaotic dance, passionate and mad.

The third break. everything falls. From it’s climax, down to the ground. The instruments die. You hear the silence after. Maybe it’s just a try to hear what is left, what it continues with. Yet, nothing. It consumed itself, leaving nothing behind. Yet you don’t believe it. Keep listening to the deafening silence that took its place. Still there, still hoping.

And you wake up. It’s over.

this is how i feel this song. It tells me a story. It tells me everything has a beginning and an end. Dream or not.
A story of life, with it’s ups and downs.
A story of a relationship.
A story of love.

And it makes me sad. But can’t stop listening to it.

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