words from another bottle

On June 19, 2009 by alinaki


“we must have also secrets in this life, things that make us smile without a reason – for the people around us, secrets you remember before you fall asleep, before your mind slips into the world of dreams… and you dream about them. it’s a beautiful and private thing. mine, yours…

make decisions and never look back. take the highway as you like and don’t regret. time has passed, there is nothing you can change. look just forward because great things are there waiting. don’t miss them while looking back into the past. a heart will never change, only migrate, from one feeling to another, from one beat to another, to another, to another until it is consumed. long time will pass and there is no room for regret. life is short, live it. don’t look back…

we all have ups and downs. the thing that makes us different is our power to rise when we are down. we are like cars, some of us are stronger, more powerful than others. i see myself as an individual who has grown on his own, alone, without a helping hand. not even a shoulder to cry on. why is that? i had my family right there… but no, i was alone, at least it’s how i feel. i am alone now, and what’s the cost of all this? freedom, order, way of life? is it all worth it ? living _alone_? i really don’t know, but something is missing. can it be a person ? a feeling ? a wave of a hand from a friend ? a view of a lake before the storm ? i guess there are things missing in my life. there should be something i can do to fill up the emptiness. i try and i will prevail, when the time is right. i will be there, shining…”

4 Responses to “words from another bottle”

  • The feeling of emptiness when we search for the “meaning of it all” is normal, but we should let the beautiful soul shine out spontaneously in a smile…filling the emptyness:)

  • alinaki

    That’s what i thought, too, you are right :)

  • ovi

    se spune ca… cel mai rau este sa te simtzi singur chiar cand este cineva langa tine… si cred in spunerea asta…
    privit profund… niciodata nu suntem singuri… pentru ca este o providentza care vegheaza pururi aspura noastra… si ne face sa stralucim pentru altzii..
    in alt sens… putem fi singuri atunci cand presupunem ca cei de langa noi nu ne intzelg… nu ne sustzin… dar.. tocmai in acele clipa cel mai benefic ar fi sa incercam sa-i intzelegem noi pe ei… sa facem ceva pentru ei… si sentimentul de singuratate va disparea…

  • alinaki

    Poate chiar din contra, cei care se simt singuri sunt cei care nu-i inteleg pe cei din jurul lor si poate nici pe ei insisi… Nu stiu…

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