friday night

On July 10, 2009 by alinaki

when you are at home in a friday night when everybody else is out partying (aka dancing salsa )(from some technical/tunning issues), you have time to get saaaaaaad :(
so…i just talk to friends, listen to music, watch my cat watching me…
and i was thinking…

why did i hide it?

a friend was asking me tonight : “why isn’t your cat in your photos? why isn’t her in some girl’s arms? why? why? why?

i told him that it was cause i was stupid enough not to take her photos :(

sad and true.

but this is gonna change…and i’m gonna fill flickr, and my blog, and picasa with photos of my cat.

so, world,  meet Rhea :


3 Responses to “friday night”

  • nice to meet you Rhea:)) …but Rhea like the godess, in fact “the mother of gods”..right? ;))

  • alinaki

    yeap :) , unfortunatelly, my rhea won’t know motherhood… :( but she knows our love :)

  • ovi

    wow… ce privire atenta… parca ar zice… “hai… indrazneste sa faci ceva rau stapanei mele… si ai sa vezi tu ce vei patzi de la mine….”

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