The broken doll

On October 26, 2007 by alinaki
Blue childish eyes, looking at me like always asking “why?”, red dress, red ribbon in her hair. It was my favorite doll. Now it lays thrown in the back of my closet… With all the other ones.

The dress is thorn, the beautiful red faded away, her eyes lost their brightness… I see her when i am searching for something. she just lays there, in the graveyard i made for her, with the same question in her eyes… And i just don’t know the answer. Maybe just grew old, and don’t play with dolls anymore.

I could throw them away, but then, i would look for them each time when searching trough my closet. they’re part of it now, old and dusty.

Sometimes our closets are full of them. Gathered over the years…Each meaning something, each being the most precious thing for us. Now we wouldn’t have what to do with them anymore. Maybe we just keep them to remember. Maybe they mean the same to us, maybe just the times have changed. For anyone else, they are just broken dolls. They wouldn’t understand why we just don’t free the space for more useful things. They wouldn’t pay a coin for them. But we wouldn’t sell them either.

Sometimes i just wish i could go down in the back yard and burn them all. Get rid of the haunting eyes, of the unspoken question.

It’s like a thought you’re left with, a feeling that did not die. Like a memory, a love, a sadness. Is there, deep inside you, has lost it’s freshness and color, but is still alive. You cannot give it, cannot throw away. You wouldn’t sell it, would there be any buyers. But there aren’t.

We each have our own luggage full of dusty dolls.

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