On August 8, 2009 by alinaki

last weekend i returned from my 2 weeks holiday in Greece. i will not tell about what i saw there, but about what i loved there…

i loved seeing my friends… Faidonas, Alia, Miltiadis, Stavros, Demon. some of them i haven’t seen, unfortunately like for 2 years already. i loved meeting new people, like Faidonas girlfriend, Eleutheria. i loved spending time with them, laughing, teasing each other, learning the news about one another, or just making fun of my greek.

i looved waking up Alia at 15 to 6 in the morning to take her photos…she came with her pillow…and it was funny as greeks never, NEVER wake up at that time… when they don’t go to work:

  • hours like 5, 6 in the morning are usually for going to bed
  • hours like 7, 8, 9 am does not exist for them,
  • at 10 am it is a crime to wake them up, at 11 am…hmmm…
  • at 12 they might start to be functional…

well, i’m exaggerating it a little, but you should never make program with a greek before lunch…except when you call 1 am before lunch…:)

i loved Florin for having patience – not only with me, but with 3 women – as we took two of our friends, Ioana and Andreea with us. Miltos told him he admires him for his patience (while we were having a “photo shooting”)… :)

i loved the frappes…yeap…frappe – to diko mou, polu gluko me gala…– the most important words for me in greek – “very sweet and with milk”.

i loved taking photos…as usual, and specially there. i wished i had more clouds… or at least some…maybe next time :)

i loved dancing salsa with Miltos’ friend, Yorgos, he is almost as crazy as Faidon…but not yet :)

i loved walking through Plaka, through Salonic searching for a photo shop where i had to buy a new tripod as the one i took with me was missing a piece that i left home…yeap, it’s me, and it is the second tripod i buy in Greece…

i loved the beaches, also in Halkidiki and in Corfu, and the sea, cold or warm. But i have to thank Miltos for not having taken us to the beach “St Giorgos of Ice:)

I loved going to the beach in Gouvia, Corfu at 6 am to take photos at the sunrise, i enjoyed the coolness and quietness of that hour. perhaps my photos were not as good as i wished, but i enjoyed every moment.

i loved the concert that the band in Palenque had in Preveza, where we had to stay overnight cause the workers in Igoumenitsa, Patras and Kerkyra ports were on strike…as greeks say, “it’s a strike country” :) I also loved the cuban concert in “Poco Loco” Club in Gouvia, Corfu- the songs were great, their dancers also and the atmosphere rocked.

i loved the weather- hot…as we returned to Romania, it rained like Hell the first and second day…as if to remind me that the holiday is over…

what places did i see?

Thessalonhkh and a beach in Halkidiki, Meteora, the port of Achilleo and Skiathos, the wonderful mountain area in the center of the country, Delphi, Athina, Korinthos, a nice port Preveza, and finally Corfu.

i heard many stories about Corfu – mostly that it is “wild”, “green” and “not so developed as the others”. well, it is wild, it is green, about the developed/not developed aka touristic or not that much, i think it is ok. but i did love the beaches… specially the ones in Sidari area- the rocks are wonderful there… the food is great, and the architecture… well, the architecture of Kerkyra town…is not greek. Flo were teasing Miltos asking him whether Greece had an ambassy in Kerkyra town :) the architecture, as in Chania, Crete, is italian – or Venetian.

i had the chance to see such a small part of what Corfu is hiding, so i hope i will go there again and for more days. leaving it was sad, just as each time i left Greece. but i have wonderful memories that will remain in my heart, and, a small piece of them (altered by my eye, my camera, my lenses and my lack of experience) i will be able to share the others.

there are more that i didn’t have the time to finish, like photos from Delphi, and the sea of olive trees, the mountains, or Sidari Beach, i’ll make them next week and upload some.

now i have to go to sleep :)

8 Responses to “Greece…”

  • oh alinaki…what a post…I’m hapy to see how much fun you had there…and frappe yami yami…I like it also “to diko mou, polu gluko me gala” :)) “gliko” is sweet, right?…and I loved the pictures…sooo beautifullll:)

  • deea, I’m glad you liked them:) i hope your next trip to Greece will be even more beautiful :*

  • ovi

    se doarme bine… pe verticala???
    hai pune poza cu un maslin…te rog… (mercic anticipat)

  • alinaki

    Haha…alia ar fi putut dormi in orice pozitie atunci :) poza cu un maslin….greu…dar am sa pun o poza cu o mare de maslini…doar sa dau de ea:))

  • Alya

    how dare you expose your crime on internet???? honey,yes,waking up a greek girl at 5(especially while taking her to sleep at one) is a crime you should punish yourself for!! ps/i loooooove you

  • alinaki

    aliaki mou…Kalos ilthes…pws eisai, zouzounaki mou;sou aresan ths fotografies; mou leipeis, to ksereis;
    polla filakia, love you too :x :x

  • Great photos!
    sunrise on Gouvia beach is beautiful

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