How much does it take?

On November 13, 2007 by alinaki
How much does it take for a snowflake to reach the ground?
Sometimes it’s whole life

How much does it take to drop your ice cream?
a split second

how much does it take to gain a friend?
just love

how much does it take to die?
sometimes just a word

How much does it take to make me smile?
Sometimes less than it takes to make me cry.

I cannot measure everything. but sometime it surprises me how short a split second can be. and it surprises me how long “never” can be. sometimes a month passes by and i don’t even realize it. and sometimes those 30 days between feel like an eternity.

there are moments when “nothing” means more than i could imagine. it’s wide, it’s dense, cannot see through, cannot pass it. sometimes ” a little” means everything, and all – nothing. maybe it’s the way i see things. maybe it’s wrong.

i don’t think i can be more illogical than this, but to me it has a meaning.

Perhaps it’s the snow. It brings me back the smell of hot wine, with cinnamon and pepper. I love cinnamon. I wouldn’t mind smell it all around. At home, on the streets, at work. I just love it.

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