“leapsa”: the first times

On August 25, 2009 by alinaki

got it from Deea:

the first word
…i think “mama”, and even if it wasn’t my mom wouldn’t tell… :)

my first memory…standing on the terrace with my grandma who was playing with my hair

my first “love”…well…i was in the 4th grade, he was in the 7th, we met at the seaside, he kissed me on the cheeck and gave me a photo…for which my mom almost killed me:))

the first kiss… i was in the 7th, he was in the 12th…and told me “heloooo!! close your eyes…” :))

my first camera – a “shoot and run” as i called them, on film, with two buttons: shoot and on/off

my first dance lesson – ballet, in the second grade…i hated it :))

first pet: a golden hamster :) …or two… :))

first time on an airplane – in 2006, Athens, going to a friend’s birthday :)

my first friend: Rada-  she was my friend from the 1st grade…now she’s in London, working at McLaren…

my first cat…i got it from  the streets,  in my  first year  in Cluj, and called hom Philips…he enjoyed a lot leaving poopy presents in the middle of my bed… i had to give him to a friend :(

my first dog: i got it from the Zoo, where he shared with his brothera  cage that was sooo small…i took him home, and kept him during night in the kitchen and during day in the courtyard….a neibourgh chase him to the street… :(

well, that’s all… i’ll pass it forward to leo, maybe he’ll start writing again :)

5 Responses to ““leapsa”: the first times”

  • alinaki – did you close your eyes? :))

  • alinaki

    :)) eventually…

  • leo

    ei alinaki, de ce vrei sa ma pornesti, sa dau drumul la suflet, nu e mai bine asa rece ca un …bolovan ?:p

  • ovi

    mereu este ceva ce facem pentru prima data in viatza… si chiar cand repetam ceva, dam alte valentze care ofera caracter de unicat feicarei clipa…
    este frumos si benefic sa ne amintim de… “primul…” “prima” si sa invatzam de la el, ea… sa dam pretz real celui, celei care urmeaza…
    imi place prima ta aminitire… mai ales ca… bunicii mei nu prea au gasit timp pentru mine…

  • leo:…ar cam fi momentul, bolovane :))
    ovi: da, ai dreptate… si…imi pare rau… bunicii mei… imi lipsesc mult :(

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