one more year

On September 22, 2009 by alinaki

so what i’ve been up to in the last past year? pretty much nothing…

  • moved up 2 steps in my job hierarchy – yuppee…
  • shoot more, not necessarily better
  • danced too little
  • got one paged erased and got it back in 2 days
  • bought a new camera, got repaired the old one
  • got pneumonia in the summer and went to work with it
  • spent 2 weeks in Greece…:) :) :) , met my friends and finally went to Corfu
  • made 2 web pages for my dance school
  • had (and have) Flo with me along the way…

what did I do yesterday?

  • took some photos of a friend
  • had some friends over for some “romanian” chinese
  • got fever…

what do i have in mind for this new year?

  • having a child
  • spending more time with Flo and less at work :)
  • finding a sponsor for a photo studio
  • dancing more
  • giving up smoking
  • taking better photos
  • improving my greek and reading the two books i’ve bought in Greece this summer

pretty difficult, right? :)


5 Responses to “one more year”

  • It sounds pretty interesting the things you have in mind for this year :) I mean the first one… but I know you for so many years… but you should change the order to smth like this: 3, 6, x, x,x (the order is not important here, ) 1, 5…

  • NWO

    May it be a great year! I’ll bet if you do have a baby, it’s a beauty (like mom)!

  • leo

    sa vina bebeeee :D

  • deea

    daa, sa vina bebe si mai mult timp cu iubi si improving your greek…si toate…kisss:* :*

  • ovi

    tinte inalte… sa le depasesti iti doresc…
    imi amintesc de un tip… venit din romania prin casatorie… fuma cel putin doua pachete zilnic… primul copil vine in familia lui… nu mai vrea sa fumeze in casa… penrtu a feri copilul de nicivitate… a inceput copilul sa vorbeasca… si il intreba… “tati… de ce mergi afara si nu stai cu noi??” evident… el mergea sa fumeze… mi-a zis ca i s-a rupt inima cand a realizat intrebarea lui… a facut efort sa renunte la fumat… de apreciat ca un erou… in cateva luni de zile deja nu-si mai dorea tigari… acum… parca a si uitat ca a fost o vreme cand fuma…
    succes… si perseverenta in toate…
    PS: ce nume ii vei pune??? lui baby, zic…

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