one day in Medias

On October 6, 2009 by alinaki

last weekend we went to Medias. it’s been some years that i haven’t been there and it was wonderful and sad in the same time.

wonderful to see all those places i knew by heart, as i walked them thousands of times with my grandpa and grandma, sad to realize what was missing.

the city is the same, yet different. more colorful, more alive, and the autumn put its subtle touch to the landscape.

i didn’t want to see my grandpa’s house, as i heard the new owners changed it, cut all the trees… i want to remember it the way it was…the house i grew in, with all those tree, and the table in the courtyard where we used to eat during summer, with the hens and the chicken i used to chase (which drew my grandma crazy), with the terraces where we were playing… maybe one day i’ll go to see it also, who knows, but not this time, not yet.

we drank a coffee on a three tables “terrace” near one of the old defensive walls, took a bath in the hotel’s swimming pool, visited a nice farm and headed back home.

4 Responses to “one day in Medias”

  • fotografiile sunt uimitoare…si nu pot sa cred ca MEdiasul arata asa…sunt atat de multe lucruri pe care nu le stim despre tara asta, atatea locuri de vazut si simtit…so beautiful alinaki mou, so beautiful :)

  • alinaki

    Mediasul este un oras foarte frumos…un vechi Burg care si-a pastrat specificul destul de bine :)

  • ovi

    de doua ori am trecut prin medias… mai mult din fuga masinii am admirat fara sa remarc frumusetile prinse de tine in fotografii… mai ca mi-ar place sa revad orasul ala mai pe indelete…
    si totusi… baschetii aia… cui apartin??

  • Hahaha…cei 4 bascheti apartin celor 4 bautori de cafea care s-au oprit pe o terasa in Medias:)
    si, ai fi surprins cate mici nestemate sunt acolo….trebuie doar sa ai timp sa le descoperi :)

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