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On October 24, 2009 by alinaki

haven’t written for some time…again… what stopped me? or what didn’t push me?  i don’t know. but i know one thing… i miss writing…stupid words about stupid thoughts, doesn’t matter…

so, if i were to write now, what would i write about? about how complicated a job can be? when it involves people? when the mechanism is not functioning well, but thanks to the people involved working like crazy, it keeps going? about the differenes between people? good boss/bad boss? about getting tired from working all day long, not having time to eat, and for what?

nooo…perhaps about not dancing…no, it’s tooo sad, and i have to solve this issue and get back…

about memories? noo…i’ve spoken too many times about them… and they’re still here, in a corner of my soul…maybe some other time.

about decisions? i’m decisionless at this moment…

about people, friends? hmm… i could give it a try…

there’s this man…used to work in the same company i do now, who told me one most surprisingly thing…that he reads from time to time my blog, and likes what i write…:) he then asked me what was i doing working there…as i didn’t belong (luckily…), and he was right. but in the end a job is just a job, right? trying to do you’re job the best you can in those hours stipulated in the contract… so what would the perfect employee look like? hard worker…quiet…involved…brainwashed… “opinionless”? “feelingless” it makes me remember that movie, “Melinda” i think…where there was this terrible teacher who used to tell little children: “i am big and you are small, i am smart and you are stupid…”

there’s this other man, a friend of ours, wine expert, cheese expert, electronics expert, the kind of man that could do anything he puts his mind to…including photography … (as a proof, i include a photo he took me that i liked so much, i put it in the “about me” page on my photoblog). he’s the kind of person with which you can make fun for hours about things in the most elevated way… perhaps an outsider would think are really meaning all the bullshits we are saying…

or maybe i should be talking about the man that has to put up with me everyday…good or bad…or bad…or bad…:) , who gets crazy everytime i don’t feel well… cause in the end, not the 10 hours i spend at work are the ones important…but the rest…:)

3 Responses to “writing about writing”

  • deea

    great picture:D ..just beautiful…

  • alinaki

    thank you :) :)

  • ovi

    scriu… cand scriu… nu ca sa descriu… ci ca sa ma eliberez de povara gandului… sau alteori… doar ca sa gandesc in scris… mai rar… mai asezat…
    scriitorii dedicati, scriu cu motive intemeiate… sa puna in valaare situatii sau stari de fapt, sa descie iubirea cum nimeni altul nu a facut mai inainte… sa isi asigure un venit din asta… uh… ce bine ca nu sunt scriitor…
    sueprba poza… cand developezi filmul vreau sa il vad si eu…

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