the lady in Auchan

On December 2, 2007 by alinaki
There was this lady in her mid 40s in Auchan, who’s job was to put croissants in bags: 2, 4, 8 or 10. For i don’t know how many hours a day. What suprised me was hew warm smile and how polite she was. There aren’t many left like this. She was really enjoying seeing me so enthusiastic about her croissants that she did her best to choose me the best ones. I liked her a lot and couldn’t help comparing her to other tired and bored people, including myself.

Why is it so difficult for some of us to just smile at the person in front of us? Show him we appreciate? Have patience? Be polite? What,s the cost of that? Two more or less muscles contracted for a smile? One more minute from our sooooooo important life? Two words we haven’t used in a long time?

Last night i received a “thank you” without knowing what for. I still don’t know, but i loved hearing it, cause i know the person who said it to me learned what a “thank you” means from me. So this made me happier than the thank you itself.

I will probably buy more croissant from there, just to enjoy her smile again.

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