On December 25, 2009 by alinaki

one day  i thought of mornings…quiet mornings, loud mornings, white mornings…just mornings

mornings when waking up is soooo hard, i feel i have to close my eyes just for a second more…or mornings when i wake up at 6, no alarm needed, and feel i can run till the end of the world and back

mornings when i wake up smiling and mornings when i don’t wanna wake up anymore… mornings that are just meant to pass so that others can come…mornings i missed and mornings i regret.

so what does a morning mean? a new day… one more day following another…the promise of a new day, of a better day.


this morning, i wish you from all my heart: “Merry Christmas!”


4 Responses to “mornings”

  • ovi

    pentru mine, dimineata insemna sansa unui nou inceput… pe care ma stradueisc sa-l fac sa fie mai bun decat precedentul… evident ca nu mereu imi reuseste… dar acum… acesta de astazi, sigur a fost superb… plin cu muzica de colinde… si gandul ca serbez pe cineva, care acum este acolo sus si imi doreste… si mi-a pregatit o venicie…
    craciun fericit… iti doresc… si chiar mai mult…

  • alinaki

    multumesc, Ovi:) Caciun Fericit!

  • Wow, nice blog …aaaa… repainting ;)

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