Pragmatic….or romantic?

On December 8, 2007 by alinaki

There are moments when i need to scream just to know I’m still here. To hear my silent cry and know i am not alone. There are moments when i need to touch the mirror to know that the ugly bitch looking back is just a reflection, not a real person. After all, she’s my worst enemy. There are moments when i need to touch the ice to remember it’s coldness.Sometimes i need to know. And knowledge does not come in hurricanes, but in the small drops of rain that fell in my hand. Sometimes i need to get them all. Get all wet and cold, but having caught all the drops.

Sometimes i wished the stories had the end before the beginning. Like a book to which you read the last pages first. “if he dies, i don’t wanna read it anymore”. Or at least, you know you can choose to read it or not. You can choose if the action is worth the end.

sometimes i just need to know everything.  So, what am i? Pragmatic or romantic?

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