memento mori…

On January 31, 2010 by alinaki

one way ticket

never forget…

never forget that one day will be your last… that one day, all the things you love the most will be left behind you…

that one day, one sunny day, without realizing it, without being ready, you’ll make the journey we all do alone… one way…

you won’t have the time to leave everything behind as you wished, you wont have the time for all the “i’m sorry” you’ve gathered along the way… not even for the ones that haunted your thoughts…

never forget that, when the time comes, you’ll realize you’ve never found enough time to tell the people you love how you felt about them, to thank them for having been  there for you.

never forget that in your journey you won’t be able to take all the material stuff around you… i’m not talking  about the “beloved car”, or the jewelry…i’m talking about all those little things you’ve kept around you reminding you of people in your life,  your blog, you photos. in your journey you won’t be able to take anything but the memory of a smile, of a heartbeat…and the sorrows.

no matter who’s there with you, when the time comes, you’ll have to leave them behind and go alone… so, no matter how many people around you have, in the end you’ll be alone…never forget that…

never forget that any of your days could be the last…this is the beauty and the tragic of life …it’s transience…

6 Responses to “memento mori…”

  • ovi

    f adevarat… de aia sustin mereu ca… zilnic sa traim frumos… ca in miez de zi cand nu vrei sa ascunzi nimic… cand vrei ca totul sa fie cuprins de frumos… iar iubirea mereu sa ne fie curata… ca floarea de crin in roua diminetii… astfel… cand va veni acel timp… sa nu regretam decat ca am trecut… iar felul cum am trecut, sa ne anine o luminita in privirea stinsa…

  • alinaki

    ovi, frumos spus:)

  • alinaki

    alex: …

  • deea

    mereu cand intru pe blog, admir noua infatisare…frumos frumos, original…alinaki mou, “enjoy the magic!”, sau parca mai frumos suna bucura-te de magia clipei:)

  • alinaki

    Euxaristw, deeaki :)

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