On March 7, 2010 by alinaki

i slowly grew distant from everyone around me… found again my little glass universe and locked the door behind. put a signed outside “do not disturb” and went to sleep… days are passing, one by one, and i’m making no effort to break the glass, to find the “me” i was before.
meeting my friends has become as spare as going to a movie…
i return from work only to leave again the next morning. i become what i feared most… work / home / work / home. i really miss going out, dancing, seeing people, seeing my friends.
the last 3 months have slowly driven me crazy…
i feel like doing nothing, just waiting for the next day to go to the job, and then the next day and the next…i proise myself that i’m gonna do something about this next week…and the next week…and then next week…

i’m slowly becoming a stranger to everyone, even to myself…

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