On January 5, 2008 by alinaki
How good is it to know your limits? To tell yourself “i cannot do that”? Does is protect you from being disappointed? From wasting energy in vain? Does it put boundaries you’ll never try to break? Will the subconstient work in your disadvantage?
Does being unaware of your limits helps you pass them? There is a saying that you can do anything, you just have to want it enough. Hmm…. Does thinking you can do anything if you put your mind to it mean you are supra evaluating yourself?
Will the disappointment be worth the effort? Ironically. And, once you will reach your limits, you will become aware of them or just keep ignoring them?
Me, i know mine. At least a part of them. The rest i still have time to discover them.
I cannot sell. Anything, that including me. I am doing myself the worst marketing ever. If i were to talk about me, to describe myself to others, i always emphasize the worst features like an “you want more???” :)) i never say “i am good at…”, except when i am joking.
I fear too much. Myself and others.
I cannot spin. I hate this, cause in salsa you have to spin. And, depending on the partner, this can take half of a dance :)) . I will learn, eventually, i hope… i always feel like a beginner when i have to learn new moves. I am not the fast learner, and perhaps i will never be.
I cannot take good shots. Some of them i liked, but i know they are lacking something. The composition, the light, i don’t know. Perhaps i will learn and it will come in time, or maybe i will never have what it takes. In the meanwhile, i have to keep trying :)
I am not the perfect wife. I am not always aware of the other’s needs. Sometime i am so closed inside that i am blind to the one near me. This without thinking of all the other small or huge mistakes.
i am not a good time manager. Luckily i sleep little enough to be able to live besides working, but there are so many things i wanna do and i always lose one thing when doing another.
I am not a good liar. Nor that i would like to be, but, since we all are more or less, at least we should be good at :)) .
K. Back to work

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