The words that are not told are lost..

On January 9, 2008 by alinaki

There is a comercial for a mobile company that emphasized this. And i was thinking how often this happens. How often we keep the silence. How often we are ignorant enough to kill a “thank you”. It is so easy and confortable sometimes to change “because…” for a “never mind”. There are so many moments when a word would make a difference and we keep the silence. Either because we don’t realize it, or because we are too angry, or to too proud. there are words that live just for a moment. Like a spark. They are yelling inside of you: “let me out! Now!”. And yet, we keep the silence. We keep them inside, even if we know they would never have the same efect afterwards. “never mind”.

there are words that are useless. Words that are not helping you if you heard them. Those sentences starting cu “I would have…”. But I didn’t. Why do we use them? What is their meaning? Do they have anything to say? They had their moment, long ago, but they were kept inside. And now, they mean nothing. Just words.

if i were to make a list of all the words i didn’t say at the right time, i’d write till next year.

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