silencio stampa

On June 16, 2010 by alinaki

I embraced it, now I can’t get rid of it… put the locker on and lost the key to it…

So…if I were to speak again…any thoughts…what would I start with? People…of course… We are so fucking caught in this stupid system we call “job”, “professionalism” that we forget to be humans… we are sooooo fucking tied in “internal rules”,  that we forget the simple meaning of “good” or “bad”…

I wonder…how much of the fucking job we take home??? When a friend forgets something, do we remind him with “cc” to his mom?????? In a way, job is like an over frustrated kids play… people…always the same, always different… you recognize patterns, and yet allow a thought of unicity.  Stupid. So… what’s the worse that could happen in case of misjudging someone?

I left this to rest for a few days, now I’m having a few moments to write some more… What makes a man turn into a shit? We are all born as an empty book… why do some of us fill it up with crap? I once said that it is no use to have negative thoughts, when there is so much beauty around… I guess the shitty craps are blind…I guess their twisted little minds are focused only on the crap they surround themselves with… can’t see through it… and for that I pity them… cause no matter how hard they’d try to break me, no matter how hard they’d try to make those 8 hours I owe them for the time being a living hell, I still have 16 more to feel life and see the beauty…. and this makes me smile…

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