20 minutes

On January 18, 2008 by alinaki


I love a good coffee. Perhaps my “good” is not everybody else’s, as i ike it sweet and with a lot of milk. And i love having a coffee on my own. Not having to make conversation (well, depending on the onversation :p ), just hearing a nice lounge music in the background and enjoying my coffee. Thinking about my stuff or just observing the eople around me, their expressions. Or just watching people on the street. I often stop for a coffee on my own when i feel i need to put 0rder in my thoughts. Then, even if in the end i finished my coffee
and smoked my cigarettes without thinking of anything, those 20 minutes relaxed me.


There are bars which mean something to me, like the one i’m in now, as the coffee i drank was as needed as air. Those 20 minutes to learn to breath again, or to hide from the world. Those 20 minutes needed to wipe a tear, or to banish a bad thought. Those 20 minutes needed to learn how to lie. Those 20 minutes needed to cool down.


I hate the coffees at the bank, as they are always on the run. I hate this. For me, my coffee is like sex, it has to be hot, sweet and not in a hurry.


20 minutes have almost passed. I am waiting almost any moment for my colleague to come with the key of the office. My coffee almost finished, my cigarettes half smoked. It’s time for a new day. Yuppee.

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