On February 20, 2012 by alinaki

It’s surprising to imagine sometimes what labels people stick on you… It makes you rewrite your entire rules and perceptions.

There is the “blonde” label :) … Everybody uses it, i use it also… No matter the mind and soul beneath the blonde hair, or, in certain cases, no matter the color of the hair…I use it on myself as an ironical excuse.

Then there is the “artist” label… It’s accusing and excusing in the same time for not fitting in the society rules concerning outfits and behaviour, for not caring that much about the material stuff, for day dreaming, for a different way of expressing yourself… I personally love the “artists”, i love the way they usually dress, on a thin line between awsome and grotesque, and i envy them for being able to feel at ease, to express themselves without that stupid thought “what will people think about” that is terrorizing the rest of us…

There is the age label… The more stuborn, painful and hard to deal with label…it screws with the way you are behaving, thinking, dressing, feeling, eating, f…ing everything… I don’t know… Are there manuals about how people of different ages shoul dress/ behave/ think/ feel??? Is there a legislation on this??? Should we have learnt the rules when we were taught to speak, maybe we could have made a program and choose then when we wanted out… At some age you are too little to do a thing, then you are too old for the same shit, but most important, we always seem to have missed that very special moment when it was appropriate to do it… How was that possible???? Why didn’t anyone informe us? Or was/is it just an urban story, invented by a sick mind, in order to limit the way we express ourselves??

There is the “love talking to you” label… Does that mean you are a good listener? Empatic? Interesting? Available? Patient? Someone one could learn from?

I specially love the ” not to open till Christmas” one. No matter when Christmas is… So they put you in a dark cold corner, check on you from time to time and shake you upside down a couple of times not to settle to much, and place you back …

Sometimes the glue they use is so strong that no matter what happens, that label remains stuck in you for ever… “bu i thought you were…”- i was what??? Did they at least made the effort of testing what’s inside the jar??? Or they just read the label and found it sufficient?

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