the list of what pill at what hour to take

On January 31, 2008 by alinaki

yeap. when you’ve stayed almost all day in bed, and the doctor prescribed you a receipt on 2 pages, like he was afraid he wouldn’t catch you again soon, and he sounded concerned about i don’t know what sound he heard in your right lung and you counted in a minute all the cigarettes you’ve smoked till then and you cannot make a crying girl smile, in fact make anyone smile, when the music you’re listening is not helping at all, when there are so many “when”… a list of colorful pills looks quite funny. in fact, when you are not feeling well you search for anything that could make you feel better. any stupid little thing to steal a smile from, a silly idea of organizing in a list the tons of pill sounds funny. at least for me. funnier than a list of all the mistakes i made. or a list of all the tears. of all the times i was afraid.
of all the tomorrows i didn’t wanted.

as i said…the red pill after i wake up, the BIG one after my coffee…
life is full of colors and shapes.

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