Confort Zone

On February 21, 2013 by alinaki

comfort zone…i could talk for hours about this subject, i’m a expert in it, but by doing so i would make a step outside…

we all have it, wrapped around us, like a second skin…some of us tight, some of us loose.  talking sometimes drags you outside it. letting the others get a glimpse of what you think or feel, who you really are is making you feel exposed. why? isn’t it simpler to just be yourself? just admit what you like or not, what you feel or not, what you think? afraid of not being understood? afraid o rejection? afraid of losing?

maybe what you lose is what you don’t actually need…

but what if what you need means you have to let the shroud fall to the ground? what if it means you have to find your courage to face no matter what is out there? which part will win?


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