On February 20, 2008 by alinaki

Sometimes i am feeling that taking photos is a very lonely activity.
instead of the crowded, noisy, laughing, tiring salsa, photography is silent and, in a way, lonely.

Maybe i cannot communicate the way i should. Maybe when i have the camera in my hands i am so focused that i cannot get out of the glass egg i am in. a friend of mine once said, that i should be careful not to lose the l,ife that takes place in front of the camera. sometimes i feel he is right.

Dancing is social. it means interaction. with at least one person. it means being part of a group. it means communication. photography separates you in a way from the others you are shooting. you turn into an observer. you are there and yet you are not.

I used to say i couldn’t live without salsa. i love people, crowds, noise. i hate loneliness although i have moments when i retreat within myself and wish for silence.

which one suits me more? i don’t know. Maybe i am seeing it all wrong. maybe i am still to find the way to communicate. but tomorrow i will have my first photography class. Feels like a deja vue…the first salsa class. :)

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