the biggest sin of all

On February 27, 2008 by alinaki

From all the sins in the world i hate one the most:


I don’t think there is one worse.
Being mean is not influenced by the way you feel.  It is not a mistake you’ve made. It is not a failure in the way you communicate. It is not losing control. When you are feeling bad, you are able to hurt anyone around you,  break all friendships, just to have people leave you alone.  You can  be  angry at them, yell at them, but this is understandable in a way, as you are having personal problems. It is not the way you are, you are not yourself in those  moments. But being mean is something from inside, and i think is very difficult to erase that.

I cannot imagine what one gains from this. From hurting someone else on purpose. From envying.  From hating. From despising. I cannot imagine someone standing in the evening and watching himself in the mirror, feeling proud about what evil he or she  did that day. I cannot imagine someone actually enjoying that. maybe using those as weapons to protect himself from his own frustrations. from his own sadness, or loneliness.  I cannot imagine anyone telling bedtime stories to their grandsons about what wrong they did to someone. About how good it felt. Or about how much he envied someone for what he had or did.

But again, even if i love people, it’s a sick world out there where anything is possible.  But my opinion is that most of the times being mean is actually being indifferent to the people around you.

So maybe this is the mother of the worst sin.



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