A lady never tells

On March 6, 2013 by alinaki

To speak or not to speak…
Or what to say…
Or what to ask…
Or how to get answers when not getting answers?
Sometimes i wonder… Do people feel the need to speak about themselves? Or do they need to get discovered without having influenced the others by their own opinion about themselves? Are our answers labels the other put on us? Sometimes they label us without asking anything…
I don’t know… But sometimes the lack of an answer is an answer itself… You just have to be able to read it… The reading between the lines…and when there are no lines?
I usually say “let’s keep it simple”…i want frappe, not tourloumpouki :))
But sometimes finding your way through all the cream and the chocolate topping and all other sweet shit tourloumpouki has till you get to the core can have its fun…

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