On March 12, 2008 by alinaki

If I were to talk about what I love there, I wouldn’t know where to start from.  Most probably from my friends there. Going there and not seeing them is sad. It feels like a big part is missing. It’s very own soul. Perhaps because I had the chance of seeing Greece like a greek. perhaps because they’ve thaught me the little greek I know. Perhaps they helped me see how great people there are. Perhaps they made me feel i belonged.

I could talk about the sea. It’s breath taking. Clear and blue.  Whether you are in Santorini, in Skiathos, Halkidiki, or near Athens, with or without islands scattered across the stillness of the sea, the view will be something you will never forget. The sunsets…

I could talk about the food…. but i am hungry as it is, and that would be torture :)

Frappes – the “national sport” after Bergleri and Kamaki :)) I love staying on a terrace, drinking my frappe and watching people around. Frappe is the superlative of coffee…

I could talk about live bouzoukia and people singing in a bouzouki bar, dancing and having the time of their life. What keeps us from acting he same? I don’t know. But they only have to gain from being this way.

 I love their passion. Their loudness.

A friend of mine said once that greeks do one thing with all the seriosity in the world: PARTY.

Actually, i would say something else: They do one thing with all the seriosity in the world: LIVE.

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