Pen and ink…

On March 7, 2013 by alinaki

you use them to write down your thoughts…whether jokes, hopes or worries, or just small talk…to draw your smiles or mask you emotions. to reveal or conceal…and, at some point, without notice, you find yourself addicted. addicted to writing, to reading. addicted to the sound of the pen on the paper, to the smell of the ink, to the feeling it awakens inside. and, day by day, page by page you write a story. good or bad, your story.

“put the pen down from time to time”…how hard can it be? let all those thoughts inside for one more day…let them sleep, keep them quiet. easy as pie. except the fact that you’re not a very good cook…

and when the book is finished? when you have no more words to write? will you still miss the sound of the pen on the paper or the smell of the ink? or will you be so satiated that you won’t stand it anymore? or maybe you’ll forget why you started in the first place…hmmm….too many maybes…

put the pen down…don’t write the story, stay away from the book…i guess it’s safer, and you love ‘safe’.

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